Photoshop Speed Painting for Concept Art and Environements
کاربران سی جی سنتر

نام ورکشاپ : Photoshop Speed Painting for Concept Art

نرم افزار ها : Photoshop

ساعات آموزش : نا معلوم

مدرس : جان مَکفال

هزینه دوره : رایگان

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توضیحات آموزش

Jonathan McFall uses speed painting techniques in a set of steps you can easily follow to create similar concept art of your own. There are no photographs used, only paint brushes. The idea behind it is to set down a series of ground rules, which if followed, will allow you to create an amazing painting. After following along with how to create this painting, you’ll be able to apply the same rules and theories yourself. Jonathan will help you with concepts such as compositions, the rule of thirds, the Fibonacci spiral, and several rules to do with color, light, and perspective. Each important step is covered that you’ll need to know so that you’ll be able to achieve something similarly artistic.

  • Chapters:
    ۰۱: Introduction
    ۰۲: Deconstructing an Image for Color and Depth
    ۰۳: Setting up a Color Ramp for the Luminance and Chrominance
    ۰۴: Create a Color Wheel for the Depth and Color
    ۰۵: Intro to Brushes in Photoshop
    ۰۶: Where to get the Brushes
    ۰۷: Composition for Concept Art and Photographic Theories
    ۰۸: Laying Out the Mountains
    ۰۹: Adding Brushes for the Trees
    ۱۰: Adding More Brushes
    ۱۱: Making the Robot
    ۱۲: Making God Rays
    ۱۳: Making the Sun
    ۱۴: Finishing Touches
    ۱۵: Additional Finishing Touches
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