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دانلود آموزش حرفه ای فوتوشاپ
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دانلود آموزش فوتوشاپ
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دانلود برنامه تبدیل عکس به نقاشی

دانلود برنامه جذاب ادیت تصویر و تبدیل عکس به نقاشی  PhotoDonut 1.21.10901 Win برای ویندوز

دانلود برنامه تبدیل عکس به نقاشی

Info :
Life is too short for boring, let your artistic visions come true.

Choose from hundreds of styles, or create your own. Bake up some drama with PhotoDonut: transform your photos into art with the standalone program, or use as a plug-in.

This painting software provides layering tools that help you blend different artistic styles, which gives your images a whole new look. PhotoDonut also features auto-painting capabilities. This tool automatically turns an image into a painting style of your choice. You can also customize the painting and add specific detail and color, providing plenty of flexibility to truly make it your own.

Enjoy hundreds of built-in styles that let you transform photos into art, including drawing, painting, illustration, and photo effects. With Creative subscription, you can even create your own custom styles using the node-based Style Editor, or enjoy features such as Freehand Painting with the ability to “grab a brush” and transform the images with more control. Find an effect you like? Apply it to multiple photos using Batch Processing, and make “Donuted” videos if desired!

Best of all, you can use PhotoDonut Creative as a standalone program or as a plug-in, whatever suits your needs the best!

PhotoDonut offers many important features for any artist to use. This application has the flexibility and functions you need to create polished, professional-looking projects that will make you proud.

Download Part 1 | 100 mb

Download Part 2 | 100 mb

Download Part 3 |  27 mb

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دانلود آموزش فوتوشاپ

دانلود آموزش حرفه ای و کامل ابزار Photoshop CC Layer Styles بصورت قدم به قدم

دانلود آموزش فوتوشاپ

Have you ever added a drop shadow or a bevel to your work and wondered how to share it with your friends or save it for later? Well, this is the course for you! In this course, Photoshop CC Mastering Layer Styles, you’ll learn the basic concepts using Adobe Photoshop layer styles. First, you’ll explore using the actual layer style panel to create and save your own layer styles and sharing them with colleagues. Next, you’ll discover how to create your own unique layer styles. Finally, you’ll learn how to practically apply your knowledge to everyday situations that might arise during a retouching or special effects session. By the end of this course, you’ll have a better understanding how the layer styles work in Photoshop CC. Software required: Photoshop CC.

Download Part 1 | 305 mb

Download Part 2 | 269 mb


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دانلود آموزش فوتوشاپ

آموزش حرفه ای برنامه Adobe Photoshop CC Master Class برای یادگیری اصولی برنامه فوتوشاپ

بخش اول شامل :

  • Brush Tool
  • Creating custom brushes
  • Colouring line-art
  • Working with Vector Shapes
  • Pen Tool
  • Transformations
  • Puppet Warp
  • Perspective Warp
  • and so much more.

This course will be useful for anyone who wants to get familiar with creating things from scratch, instead of just altering existing imagery.

By the end of this course you will be able to create your own:

  • digital drawings, paintings
  • photo montages
  • vector graphics

بخش دوم شامل : 

  • Image size
  • Resolution
  • Color modes
  • Cropping images
  • Layers
  • Layer Styles
  • Blend Modes
  • and so much more

Download Part 1 | 900 mb

Download Part 2 | 900 mb

Download Part 3 | 900 mb

Download Part 4 | 900 mb

Download Part 5 | 900 mb

Download Part 6 | 641 mb

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آموزش Digital painting
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آموزش رندرینگ

آموزش رندرینگ

Product Visualization is a great way to showcase product design both for approval inside a company, as well as marketing and sales. It is a completely different scenario from other renders, since the product needs to be the main focus, and that changes everything; from the environment to lightning. In this course, Product Visualization with V-Ray and 3ds Max, you’ll learn the creation of a Studio Render of a product, showing the best techniques and strategies to achieve an appealing end result. First, you’ll discover different light setups for studio renders. Next, you’ll explore how to use light linking for better light control. Finally, you’ll learn how to use anisotropy. By the end of this course, you’ll have a complete studio render that is portfolio ready. Software required: 3ds Max, V-Ray, Photoshop CC.

Download Part 1

Download Part 2

Download Part 3

Download Part 4

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دانلود تکسپر
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دانلود تکسچر
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